What we develop

is quite often based on some of the leading edge tools and platforms. This enables us to deliver quiality solutions, while integrating Web, Mobile and Cloud in order to "translate" a complicated system into a simple and enjoyable end user experience.

  • The App for Cinefish.bg

    is developed as a Windows 8.0 Store app, using web services intergration and Azure cloud services for backend information processing. The app is aiming to provide information about the newest movies and the cinema schedule in different cities in Bulgaria.

  • Vacations Manager

    is a web based system with responsive UI, developed with ASP.NET MVC and running on Microsoft Azure. The product is providing a convinient way for a company's employees to file an absence request in just a few clicks (or taps) from anywhere.

  • The ShtipkSol App

    is a cooking application full of different recepies allowing users to conveniently read, scroll and zoom the content they are interested in, using the type of Windows device which they like the most. This is a Windows Store 8.0 app integrated with web services.

About Us.

The Right Working Approach and Customer Perception

We are born in the cloud company aiming to change the nature of IT by enabling businesses to apply it in new ways. Through simplifying complicated technology, we believe we can raise operational efficiency and do it in a compelling manner.

To achieve excellence, we base our products on proven modern technologies, deep exepertise and profesionalism. Zingasoft’s diverse team, shapes it as a company not just in the technology business, but in the “growing businesses” business. We strongly guard and at the same time, nurture a culture where we value our customers also as partners on our way to mutual success.

We started our journey in 2015 and being a young company with experienced professionals gives us the flexibility, belief, expertise and stamina to make sure we can meet the scale and reach of any demand and speed up business results.


In the extremely dynamic world of software technologies we give all of our energy to constantly evolve along the way of building innovative applications for the cloud and mobile world. Our team shares a common passion for technology and software development, with a mission to apply it in the real life by fulfilling business critical needs.

The Right Platforms and Tools as Means to Crafting the Best Possible Value


In just a few years public cloud technologies have become mainstream platforms, providing flexibility and natural extension for IT workloads. We are extensively using Microsoft Azure as a foundation for our products and solutions.


Our skills in ASP.NET/MVC, HTML5 and JavaScript help us create compelling web systems with responsive design. The concepts we follow and the architectures we create are in the foundation of making it possible to meet the scale and global reach of any demand.


With the "explosion" in the mobile devices usage, we decided to ride our part of the wave, specializing in building Windows Store and Windows Phone apps. These apps quite often require more than just the pretty native user interface, but could also involve on-premise SQL Server or Azure SQL Database, Blob storage and push notification systems integration.